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ATTENTION Business Owners: Are you a business owner or looking to start a business? We want to wish a Happy Independence Day all weekend long.


What better way to celebrate than finally getting your website done (or redone) and hit your business goals in the second half of the year!


You know you need it, but for one reason or another, your site seems to get pushed down the priority list.


Just think of all of those potential sales and profits that you’re missing out on – day after day.


Perhaps it’s because you don’t know where to start...or you don’t have the time or ability to build your own...or maybe it’s that you haven’t found a company that you can trust. It might be that you feel that it’s too expensive to get your project done.


You know that without a great web presence your business will never grow to where it can fact, you will probably struggle just to stay open – even if you don’t run an e-commerce site.


Truth is that people check out businesses online before doing engaging with a company. And if your site isn’t there, or looks bad or amateurish, than that’s another customer you’ve lost forever.


How would you like a professionally designed site that does the heavy lifting for you? One that has the type of content that pulls your ideal customer in...that works for you 24/7...that increases your sales and your bottom line each and every day of the year?


Wouldn’t that be something worth investing in? And if your business isn’t worth investing in, then you’re in the wrong business.


Now you can get a fantastic website built with powerful, proven marketing content. Content that’s optimized to get you listed high in the search engine rankings (super important if you want people to discover you).


When you have Blue Castle Marketing build your site, here’s what you’ll get:


•      In-depth keyword research to discover relevant terms your site can dominate your niche with.

•      Development of your core ideal customer so you can speak directly to those people for high conversion rate.

•      Direct-response copy principles that drive your customers to take immediate action.

•      Decades of marketing experience

•      Unique images that grab attention and focus your customers in on what you have to say.

•      Irresistible offers that your customers just can’t say ‘no’ to.


But that’s not all.


You see, most web design firms can’t even do that much, because they are designers, not marketers. Blue Castle Marketing specializes in building marketing websites.


Let me ask you this?


“What good is your website if nobody visits it?”


Without some sort of mechanism in place to drive traffic, your site will just site there in the overcrowded virtual sphere.


Here’s where traditional web design firms really fail you. They don’t know how to get visitors to come.


We, at Blue Castle Marketing, understand that you need traffic coming to your website, and lots of it in order to thrive. So, in addition to getting your standard site, you will also get a landing page, designed specifically to sell your visitors your product or service, as well as capture their contact information.


Because once you have that contact information, you can sell to them again and again. And this is where the real money is made on the internet.


And we will also write and build you a killer ad campaign that attracts your ideal client or customer to your landing page in droves. These are people who are ready to buy from you right now.


We will admit, we are not the cheapest providers out there. You can always go to Fivvr or Upwork, where you will most like be dealing with someone who’s first language is not English. Or maybe you can get that local whiz kid to build you a site. But none of them know marketing like we do.


Same goes with 90% of the web design firms out there.


You could also go to a very large agency to get the same services and knowledge that we provide. That will set you back a good $10,000 or more.


Here’s where we go even one step beyond what they other guys are doing. You’ll get a mock-up of your site (a $300 value) that will show you how it will look and function before we even charge you a dime. That way, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting for your money.


So how much will you need to invest to get a great looking marketing site that delivers clients and customers...that pays for itself over and over again?


For a powerful, six page site, plus a cash generating landing page, along with a winning ad, you would normally be looking at an investment of $6625 (or more depending on how complex your site).


But, in order to celebrate Independence Day Weekend with you, you will get your site for a much lower price than you might expect, so low that it may shock you!!!


We are also going to throw in some extra goodies to give you the complete package.


Google Analytics Installation and Basic Configuration with training (a $600 value). Google Analytics allows you to see what actions your visitors take on your site...which pages they visit...the content they consume...and the items they look at the most. That way you can make decisions on how to improve your online business using data and hard cold facts, rather than relying upon gut intuition – which proves fatal to 99% of businesses.


Google Search Console Integration (a $100 value). Search Console gives you a clear picture of where your traffic is coming from. This gives you clear insights into what advertising is working and which is not. You can also track your other online marketing efforts to gauge their effectiveness.


These two technologies allow you to discover what is working for your business and to decrease or eliminate efforts that are not working in a quick and powerful way.


Now if you were to get just these two insanely powerful, vital gifts, that would put you head and shoulders above most online sites.


But it gets better…


You’ll also get this $49 report How to Use Google Analytics to Double or Triple Your Business – What You Need to Be Tracking. With this report, you’ll gain the information you need to make sure that you are tracking the data that is critical for your business to grow and thrive. You’ll get an easy, step-by-step map on what to do first, second, third, etc.


Another powerful guide you will receive is Split Testing for Profit (a $49 value). Now, if you’ve never heard of split testing, that’s okay. This guide will demystify it and lay out a plan for you to maximize your website profits. A split test is where you create a second variation of your website or content and then see which one performs better. Once you have a clear winner, that’s the one you run with. And then you rinse and repeat with the goal of always getting more value from your site or content.


One of the most powerful ways to drive traffic to your site is through use of backlinks – links from other reputable sites – that serve to both promote and endorse your site. You’ll get The Easiest, Most Simple Way to Land Backlinks (a $49 value) to help you grow your backlinks and your traffic.


Once you have a site that is easily found with a simple Google search, you need fresh content in order to stay relevant and ranking high on the first page of Google. This is why we include a blog page on your site. If, you’re like most business owners, you probably don’t have much interest in crafting your own articles, which is why you’ll get three professional blog articles written on the topics of your choice (a $600 value). You can add these articles to your site over the course of several months to start your site off on strong footing. The articles can also serve as a guide for additional content later down the road.


We do all of this for you with no risk to you with out 90 Day 100% Money back guarantee.


We could stop there and you would be getting a killer deal … a powerful marketing site ($5,000), a mock-up ($300) so you can see how your site will look and function, a landing page that converts visitors into clients ($1500), and ad copy that drives traffic to your site ($125). You’ll also be getting Google Analytics Installation and Configuration ($600), Google Search Console Integration ($100), the three reports (How to Use Google Analytics to Double or Triple Your Business – What You Need to Be Tracking, Split Testing for Profit, The Easiest, Most Simple Way to Land Backlinks (a $147 value), and three professionally written blog articles ($600) that is valued at well over $4999. Plus our 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.


Because of this massively discounted offer our teams capacity is limited so that we don’t sacrifice on the quality and the timely manner of building your website to, so in order for our team of pro’s to work with you this is for serious people only and we require a simple application process (only takes 10 minutes to fill out)


This is my question for you – with all of the value that you’re getting, what’s stopping you from investing in yourself and your business today? If it’s a money issue, we do have an easy payment plans available.


With everything you have to gain, you really owe it to yourself to finally get your site built and start profiting from it. Click on the Apply Now button, and you will be on your way to having a marketing site that actually makes you money.

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