ADA Compliant Websites

Is your website ADA Compliant?

Did you know the American with Disabilities Act applies to your website. Its ok if you didn't, most people don't, not even most professionals marketer know about this. Its important for your website to be ADA compliant, because it can present legal challenges if someone tried to file a lawsuit against you or your company, although this is highly unlikely. Lawsuits are on the rise for non compliant ADA websites only by a few small percentage points. Don't believe it? Then check this article from where the Queen B's Company was sued over it in 2019

Beyoncé Sued Over ADA non-compliant website

Did you also know that there is a IRS Tax credit available to you for making your business more ADA compliant, yes that includes your website. We are not providing legal or tax advice, but here are the links to the government websites. Certain requirement apply. Please consult with you legal and tax professionals.


IRS Tax Form

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